Issues Agenda


Changing Workplace Review

The Ministry of Labour is considering how the Labour Relations Act and Employment Standards Act could be amended to protect workers and support business. Consultations were held in 2015, and a final report and recommendations are expected summer 2016.

Ontario Labour Study Survey

This past fall, TIAC released a Labour Shortage Study in partnership with Banff & Lake Louise. This study provided a snapshot of the extent of labour shortages in the region’s tourism sector, as well as valuable insights for future research. As Ontario is also experiencing labour shortages in the tourism sector, TIAO has partnered with TIAC to conduct the same study in our province.

Sharing Economy

Ontario is currently in the process of exploring ways to regulate the sharing economy—most notably through a pilot project with Airbnb, announced in February 2016.

Strategic Framework Consultations

In order to produce a provincial tourism strategy for Ontario, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is currently holding consultations across the province to gather feedback from tourism stakeholders on how a strategic framework for tourism in Ontario could be structured.



TIAO supports the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) on a number of initiatives whose goal it is to simplify the process of welcoming visitors to the country.

Connecting America

The federal government has made a commitment to match industry investment in tourism marketing over three years to attract American visitors.

Transportation Act Review

Identified future priorities and action points in transportation to support Canada’s long-term economic well-being. The review was launched June 2014; a subsequent report was tabled in February 2016 and is currently being reviewed by the Government of Canada.