Issues Agenda


Strategic Framework for Tourism in Ontario

The Strategic Framework was announced at the 2016 Ontario Tourism Summit, and initiatives to grow the economic contributions of the tourism industry under the Framework’s lens are now underway.

TIAO is leading the way forward alongside its industry partners. In February 2017, the association partnered with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in hosting The Future of Tourism Symposium.


Red Tape Challenge

Tourism was announced as the Red Tape Challenge’s 7th sector of focus at the 2016 Ontario Tourism Summit. The tourism industry’s turn for participation is expected Spring 2018.


Changing Workplace Review

The Ministry of Labour is reviewing feedback on proposed amendments to the Labour Relations Act and Employment Standards Act. Consultations on proposed amendments were held in fall 2016—a final report and recommendations are expected summer 2017.


Sharing Economy

Ontario is currently in the process of exploring ways to regulate the sharing economy—most notably through a pilot project with Airbnb, announced in February 2016.


Travel Industry Act Review

Phase 2 of the review is currently underway. This series of consultations addresses issues raised during initial stakeholder consultations, and will discuss how the Act might be updated.




TIAO supports the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) on a number of initiatives whose goal it is to simplify the process of welcoming visitors to the country.


Connecting America

The federal government has made a commitment to match industry investment in tourism marketing over three years to attract American visitors.


Transportation Act Review

Identified future priorities and action points in transportation to support Canada’s long-term economic well-being. The review was launched June 2014; a subsequent report was tabled in February 2016 and is currently being reviewed by the Government of Canada.