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Safe Travels Stamp Awards 2021

Announcing the 2021 Safe Travels Stamp Awards

What is the Safe Travels Stamp Award?

The World Travel and Tourism Council, in conjunction with the industry, including the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), has created the Safe Travels Stamp based on worldwide industry protocols.

The Safe Travels Stamp is a specially designed stamp which will allow residents and visitors to recognize businesses which have adopted standardized health and hygiene protocols. 

The Safe Travels Stamp Award is a way for your customers and local residents to recognize your business's outstanding efforts in adopting health and hygiene standardized protocols for the hospitality and tourism sector.

It's their way of saying they feel safe when doing business with you.

There are 13 Safe Travels Stamp Awards to be won: one for each tourism region in Ontario. Voting runs from September 7 - October 11, 2021. 

Top finalists and winners will be announced on October 26 at the 2021 Ontario Tourism Summit.


How can I win the Safe Travels Stamp Award?

Step One

Get ready!

Ensure you are Safe Travels Stamp approved.

You can check the list of approved Safe Travel Stamp applicants on our website here.

If you are not yet Safe Travels Stamp approved, click the link below to apply now.

Safe Travels Stamp Application


Step Two

Get the word out!

Use your digital Safe Travels Stamp logo on social media and proudly proclaim your Safe Travels Stamp approval.

Don't forget to place your Safe Travels Stamp sticker in a prominent location in your business. (If you haven't received your sticker yet, it is in the mail and you will have it soon!)

Be sure that your team understands and can explain what it means to be Safe Travels Stamp approved. If you need more information, please check out our Safe Travels Stamp Training Guideline.


Step Three

Get votes!

The top vote-getter within each of the thirteen tourism regions of Ontario will win the Safe Travels Stamp Award. Public voting will open on Labour Day weekend. In the weeks ahead, use social media and in-person conversations to let your customers and local residents know about the Safe Travels Award campaign. 

The voting link is located here.



If you are not yet Safe Travels Stamp certified, click the image above to apply now.