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Living Wage Week Workforce Sustainability Series

We hosted our first-ever Tourism Workforce Sustainability Webinar Series during the Ontario Living Wage Week.

We were joined each day, by our Tourism Workforce and Sustainability team, Leni Brem & Mark Capistrano who hosted a series of webinars featuring tools, resources, and solutions for you to implement, engage, and find solutions for your tourism operation.

As an industry, we need to change the narrative, showcase how our industry is one where work doesn't suck, and you can work doing what you love to do as a career.

Check out the Tourism Workforce & Sustainability Program

How A Living Wage Can Help Create A Sustainable Tourism Workforce

Join Leni Brem & Mark Capistrano in conversation with Chris Bloore about the origin and the curation of the Tourism Workforce Sustainable program. Reputation of our industry, complexities of existing programs, capacity of operators and the desire to complement existing programs without duplication are all reasons why individuals have chosen to leave or not come to our industry at all. This led to the curation of TIAO's unique program that may just be the interim solution, leading to entice individuals to the tourism industry. Work doesn’t suck and doing what you love in tourism can be the IDEAL career.



  • Chris Bloore - Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
  • Leni BremTourism Industry Association of Ontario
  • Mark CapistranoTourism Industry Association of Ontario


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Live Where You Work: Talking About The New Ontario Living Wages
Hosted with: Ontario Living Wage Network

Mark Capistrano in conversation with Anne Coleman from the Ontario Living Wage Network and Jon Rennie, Author of "Building a World with Better Bosses" speak about the importance of paying someone, at minimum, a Living Wage. Jon recently shared his thoughts on this topic: "Leadership is not about the title or paycheque, it’s about a passion for the cause and a love for the people. The entire province of Ontario is either dealing with situations of affordable housing, available housing, or combination of both. Cost of living prices are increasing and yet not one area in Ontario, is the minimum wage, the Living Wage." How can we make a difference?



  • Anne Coleman - Ontario Living Wage Network
  • Jon Rennie - Author
  • Mark CapistranoTourism Industry Association of Ontario


Session Recording

Investing In People For A Sustainable and Inclusive Future
Hosted with: 
Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC)

Do your existing and potential employees have the right skills for your operation and the type of consumer in the post-pandemic era that our industry is facing? Join Leni Brem from TIAO as she speaks with Sue Christensen and Yingtong Wang from OTEC about how investing in people can ensure a sustainable and inclusive workforce. Learn how providing skills training to new employees and existing employees can enrich the working environment and consumer experience.



  • Yingtong Wang - Ontario Tourism Education Corporation
  • Sue Christensen - Ontario Tourism Education Corporation
  • Leni Brem - Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

Session Recording

Putting it all together: Helping YOU to Change The Narrative
Hosted with: 
Tourism Innovation Lab

Sometimes you just need to speak to someone who looks like you, lives like you, and enjoys their job. Join Leni Brem from TIAO, and Justin Lafontaine from Tourism Innovation Lab as they discuss the unique Mentorship app that is designed with the Tourism Workforce Sustainability Program. Do you need a mentor?  Why is it so effective?  Does your mentor have to be a C-Suite Executive, and not in your own community? Join us and learn more to share with your team.



  • Justin Lafontaine - Tourism Innovation Lab
  • Alex Berlyand Tourism Innovation Lab
  • Leni Brem - Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

    Session Recording

The Tourism Workforce Sustainability Program

The Tourism Workforce Sustainability Program (TWSP) aims to expand and diversify Ontario’s tourism workforce while helping employers retain employees for the long-term sustainability of their businesses and the industry


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