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Advocacy in Action: October 5

Advocacy in Action: October 5
05 Oct 2023 by Alexander Micelli

Earlier this week, TIAO participated in the Labour Market Forum in Ottawa, which ran from October 3rd to the 4th. The event, hosted by Philip Mondor, President and CEO of Tourism HR Canada, featured an impactful address and fireside chat with the Hon. Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Minister of Tourism and Minister Responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec. During her speech, the Minister emphasized the vital role that tourism will play in Canada's economy over the next decade and the need for effective policy solutions to support this sector.

Throughout the forum, we engaged in discussions on several crucial topics. These included addressing mental health challenges in the workplace, particularly within the tourism industry, as well as strategies for nurturing the Indigenous workforce to further enhance the burgeoning Indigenous tourism sector.

Additionally, we tackled pressing issues such as the housing crisis, labor shortages, and the necessity for immigration reform within the tourism industry. Kate Monk and James Murphy from Explorers Edge shared insights into Co-Creation Labs, while Aaron Binder from Better Way Alliance stressed the importance of increased investment in tourism businesses and operators. This investment aims to facilitate their cost-effective expansion and long-term profitability. The Co-Creation  Labs concept was discussed as a practical tool for engaging stakeholders and developing regenerative programs to assist struggling tourism businesses within rural communities. The forum concluded with a discussion on Canadians' positive perception of the tourism industry, highlighting the significance of maintaining this favorable view through active support for the communities frequented by tourists and addressing their specific needs. In addition, Tourism HR Canada proudly announced its commitment to the 2030 Pledge for Sustainable Tourism, further reinforcing its dedication to fostering responsible and sustainable practices within the tourism.