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Campaigns for Industry-Specific Support

Reopening is Not Recovery

TIAO’s Campaign for Industry-Specific Support

On August 15, 2021, the Governor General of Canada accepted the request to dissolve Parliament and hold a 36-day election campaign with Election Day set for September 20th. 

TIAO has been actively advocating on behalf of Ontario’s tourism industry, and this election period does not change that. As a member of the Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses, we continue to contact prospective federal MPs standing in Ontario ridings to speak with them to ensure that they’re fully briefed on the situation facing the tourism industry and the prolonged economic support we need to navigate the pandemic whilst facing government restrictions and closures. 

During the run-up to Election Day, we are encouraging our members to send a letter to their local MPs and electoral candidates for more targeted support for the tourism industry and to emphasize the message that reopening is not recovery. 

Don’t let the tourism sector slip between the cracks. We need your help to voice our industry’s need for government support so that political parties prioritize our sector. We need you to reach out to your riding’s candidates today to ensure that our industry’s needs do not go unnoticed. Reopening is not recovery. 



  1. Support a tourism industry-tailored wage and fixed cost support program  

  1. Support immediate action to address the industry-wide labour shortage  

  1. Support continued government aid for the tourism industry throughout recovery 



  • Download our form letter and personalize it  
  • The form letter has highlighted fields to add your electoral candidate’s name, as well as your signature, name, title and address, and your company logo (if applicable) 
  • You can find the name of your local electoral candidate here 
  • Email the letter to your local electoral candidate  
  • Meet with your local electoral candidate  
  • In your meeting with your electoral candidate, tell them your business and employees will not survive without continued support 
  • Review these Key Messaging Guidelines
  • Spread the word on social media about our call for more support for the tourism industry and encourage your network to send a letter  
  • Find social media images below  
  • Share these images with messages in line with the Key Messaging Guidelinesor use the following suggested messaging:

"The tourism industry will not survive without industry-specific support from the government, such as continued wage support for hardest-hit businesses. Reopening is not recovery. Please share. "

Social Media Images

Once you have sent your letter to your electoral candidate, please download these images (right click on the image and select "Save Image As ...") for use on your social media channels to spread the word about our industry’s urgent need for government assistance. Don’t forget to tag your electoral candidate! 


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