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Green Shoots 2020 Members Hall of Fame

Why Green Shoots?

Green Shoots is a reference to plant growth and recovery and has been used during down economies to describe signs of similar growth.


No one could have foreseen what a devastating impact the pandemic has had on our industry, on our colleagues, and our families.  Throughout this past year, we have worked together, and fought hard for the industry we believe in.  The collaboration of the tourism industry has been remarkable. We have heard you, we have advocated for you, and we were pleased to offer complimentary membership  to the entire tourism industry in Ontario for 2020 - one more way to ease your bottom line, increase your engagement, and provide an even more inclusive message as we represent your voice to the provincial government.


Members who were able to afford to pay their membership are recognized as Green Shoots Sponsors. The value of their membership is used to continue the research and vital actions required to rebuild and represent the industry’s voice to government in Ontario.