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2024 Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence

Celebrate Ontario's best in tourism

The Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence celebrate success and recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to Ontario’s tourism industry.


Awards are jointly presented by;

Deadline to apply for all awards: 

July 16, 2024

Tourism Industry Awards of Excellence

Presented to organizations, businesses and individuals that represent the quality of offerings that make Ontario a destination of choice—innovations, events, employers and the tourism champions who make it all possible.

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Tourism Champion of The Year
  3. Tourism Innovator of The Year
  4. Tourism Event of The Year
  5. Tourism Employer of The Year
  6. Sustainable Tourism Award 
  7. Accessible Tourism Award 
  8. Indigenous Tourism Award


Tourism Marketing & Travel Media Awards of Excellence

Celebrate the excellence and innovation of those who contribute to Ontario’s tourism industry through impactful tourism partnerships, marketing activities and media relations provincially, nationally and internationally. 

  1. Tourism Digital Marketing Award
  2. Tourism Marketing Partnership Award
  3. Tourism Marketing Campaign Award - Over $50K
  4. Tourism Marketing Campaign Award - Under $50K
  5. Travel Media Story Award
  6. Travel Media Photography Award

Culinary Tourism Awards of Excellence

These awards are about the passion and excellence of those dedicated to advancing the culinary tourism movement in Ontario; they recognize those who work hard to tell the stories of our growers, producers, chefs, winemakers and brewers.

Nomination Categories:

  1. Culinary Tourism Alliance Leadership Award
  2. Culinary Tourism Experience Award
  3. Culinary Tourism Event of the Year Award
  4. Culinary Tourism Alliance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award


OTEC Workforce Innovation and Collaboration Award

The OTEC Workforce Innovation & Collaboration Award recognizes a business or organization that has developed an innovative, local solution to a workforce challenge, accomplished through collaborative  partnership(s). Eligible organizations should demonstrate how they have engaged with local stakeholders and developed unique connections, leveraged a range of resources, and/or achieved measurable results.

Nomination Categories:

  1. Workforce Innovation & Collaboration Award


Ontario's Choice Awards (Attractions Ontario)

Visitors vote for their favourites in eight categories. The top three attractions with the most votes are finalists for the Attraction of the Year Award; the winner is announced at the Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence Gala on October 2024.


Please note that administrative fees will be applied to your award submissions except for Tourism Champion of The Year & Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Member Administrative Fee: $99

Non-Member Administrative Fee: $149

Additional Application Administrative Fee: $25

Two tips to make your nomination stand out to our judges:


Provide actions made towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in what they are being nominated for.

Each nomination has the opportunity to nominate another business for an Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence. (doesn’t have to be the same category, but could be). By doing so, they will get an additional point in the judges' scoring. They can earn a second point, if they fill out a nomination application for that other individual or tourism business mentioned.