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TIAO Seeking Feedback on MYO Off-Roads Vehicles Consultation

TIAO is seeking your feedback for an upcoming Ministry of Transportation consultation that we will be participating in regarding proposed legislative amendments to the Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) Act.

Ontario permits ORV use both on-road and off-road, each environment having different operating environments. The ministry is currently considering changes to the ORV regulatory framework that would address recommendations from the Chief Coroner of Ontario’s 2020 McLeod Inquest and begin harmonizing operator rules across operating environments. Key areas of focus for the consultation will be:

  • Potential impacts to local economies resulting from proposed changes;
  • Impacts to families and riders in secluded rural and Northern areas, including access to necessities;
  • Resources available to enforce ORV safety and options for collaboration to identify ways to increase those resources;
  • Challenges or limitations our proposals may pose to ATV riders; and
  • Additional areas where emphasis is needed to address rider health and road user safety.

Please send any feedback that you may have to Dr. Jessica Ng, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, at