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What Travellers Want But Aren’t Telling You

What Travellers Want But Aren’t Telling You

Have you ever asked your guests what they really care about beyond the standard comment cards? Have you asked them specific questions about your environmental responsibility? Most tourism businesses haven’t, but we did.

The travel industry is currently experiencing a “New Tourism”, according to the World Tourism Organization. These new tourists have a high level of environmental and cultural awareness and are seeking experiences that align with their values.  A 2013 Travel Guard survey to travel agents showed that 75% believe “green travel is here to stay” and is at the highest it’s been in the past 10 years. More and more, travellers want a holiday that they can feel good about from a social and environmental perspective, while also checking off their budget and fun boxes.

In this special report, we’ve done the work for you; conducting research, collecting surveys and talking to travellers to find out what they really wanted from tourism operators in Canada. We wanted to know:

  • Do travellers really care about a tourism operator’s environmental performance?
  • Does having a certification really matter?
  • Are travellers willing to pay more for a greener experience?
  • Is “being green” just a fad?

The results surprised us! 

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Don’t miss out on getting the inside scoop in this free report, which not only walks you through the research results, but also offers ideas to help you navigate the wants and desires of your guests to boost business, shift consumer perspective and save you money.

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 November 07, 2016