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  • Şimal Görmüş posted an article
    TIAO joins Faster Together campaign to help step up vaccination rates across Ontario and Canada see more

    TIAO is excited to join the Faster Together campaign to help step up vaccination rates across Ontario and Canada!

    What is Faster Together?

    Spearheaded by Bruce Anderson (Chairman of Abacus Data and Partner at Spark Advocacy) and Hassan Yussuff (President of the Canadian Labour Congress), the Faster Together campaign is a voluntary effort of people and organizations across Canada. It works to promote COVID-19 vaccine acceptance to help speed up recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. To help partnering organizations and decisionmakers across Canada tailor their messaging, the campaign shares innovative public opinion data monitoring evolving views on vaccine hesitancy. Driven by its data, the campaign makes digital materials and social shareables, which Faster Together partners disseminate.

    TIAO joins over 200 partners (and counting) across the country—including organizations from tourism and hospitality, retail, entertainment, business and finance, tech, postsecondary, and manufacturing sectors—to promote the message that getting vaccinated can bring us all back together faster.

    Why is TIAO a partner of Faster Together?

    The tourism industry is built on creating personal and shared experiences – memories which cannot be fully captured or replicated by Zoom. Despite the incredible innovation demonstrated by our industry, tourism in Ontario has largely been on pause for the last fifteen months with our businesses enduring revenue losses, layoffs, and job losses. As the hardest hit industry, restarting our tourism industry is directly linked to vaccination rates and case counts. By encouraging everyone to do their part and get vaccinated, Ontario’s tourism and hospitality businesses can begin to restart, recover, and welcome visitors back to rediscover what Ontario has to offer.

    TIAO is proud to join Faster Together to help open our doors again, bring people together again, and create shared experiences again. Faster.