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IMPACT Regional Ontario Event To Showcase Sustainability In Travel & Tourism Industry

IMPACT Regional Ontario Event To Showcase Sustainability In Travel & Tourism Industry

For Immediate Release, March 7 2022

ONTARIO, CANADA - The founders of IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism, SUMMIT VICTORIA a Global Event, are pleased to announce IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism – ONTARIO a Regional Event, hosted by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), on May 7 to 9, 2023 at the Queen’s University Biosciences Complex in Kingston, Ontario.

Registration opens March 7, 2023. Event details and registration information can be found here.

Guided by the IMPACT Summit founders and team, the IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism – ONTARIO a Regional Event will have the same high level of programming, speakers and workshops that have made the annual summit on regenerative tourism so successful.

IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism - SUMMIT Victoria a Global Event, is held annually in Victoria in January.  It is co-founded by Destination Greater Victoria, Synergy Enterprises, Starrboard Enterprises and tartanbond Communications.

In 2017, the Founders determined they shared a commonly held belief, that the tourism industry had the opportunity to impact global change.  Out of that belief, the IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism Conference was born to convey the importance of tourism as an economic driver, as well as recognizing the large footprint it has on the environmental, social, and cultural fabric of a destination.

“After hosting this conference for six years, we are launching our Local, Regional, and Global event series.  We are honoured to have TIAO execute our inaugural Regional event.  Thank you to TIAO for your leadership in bringing together tourism partners across the province to host critical conversations around sustainability and regenerative tourism” said Jill Doucette, CEO of Synergy Enterprises and IMPACT Co-Founder.

Chris Bloore, President & CEO of TIAO said, "We are eager to be hosting the first IMPACT Sustainability & Tourism Regional Event.  The tourism industry is an industry filled with experiences, where people opt to go to do business, relax, rejuvenate.  The impact on having a sustainable tourism industry's responsibility lies on our shoulders.  We need to establish that collectively as an industry, we are making small changes that will move us forward to ensuring we are protecting our resources. At the forefront of this initiative is making sure we are protecting, recognizing and learning about our Indigenous heritage and preserving our natural resources for our future."

About the IMPACT Summit
Taking place annually in Victoria, BC the IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism SUMMIT was created with the goal of aligning the Canadian tourism industry, as well as stakeholders and communities touched by tourism, behind a vision to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability. We are now expanding that vision globally and supporting Canadian destinations in their journey towards a more sustainable and regenerative future, with tourism as a force for good.


About the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO)
The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) is recognized by the government and the industry as the voice of tourism. TIAO works on behalf of its membership, collectively representing over 200,000 businesses and 400,000 employees. TIAO propels the powerful and innovative Ontario tourism industry by connecting tourism leaders, innovators, government, and educators through events and conferences. TIAO is proud to host the largest gathering of tourism leaders, educators, businesses, and government officials in Canada, at the annual award-winning Ontario Tourism Summit.


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 March 07, 2023