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Advocacy in Action - March 21st

Advocacy in Action - March 21st
21 Mar 2024 by Jessica Ng

Over the past few weeks, TIAO and our sector partners have met with several ministries to advance progress on a number of ongoing files, including: craft cider and craft beer tax reform; marketing and product development dollars for Northern destinations located on Crown land or beyond municipal boundaries; marketing support for Indigenous tourism; and local and regional transportation challenges.  


On the transportation file, we’ve been hearing quite a bit from TIAO members about worsening conditions affecting local and regional connectivity. With air and passenger rail service reductions, infrastructure deficits, road safety concerns, and declining connectivity, transportation is fast-emerging as one of TIAO’s top-line critical issues this year. TIAO is planning a series of more targeted advocacy initiatives to highlight the urgency of the state of transportation in Ontario and the impact on visitor economies across the province, and to elevate our solutions-based asks. 


To ensure that we have the full picture to work from, we are seeking feedback from members on:  

  • The types of local and regional transportation challenges being experienced   

  • Any examples/anecdotes/data that can be shared to illustrate the severity of the above issues 

  • Any specific provincial or federal policies (or gaps) that are contributing factors to the above  


To collect this feedback, we will be hosting a virtual meeting next Monday March 25 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM.  


If you are interested in attending, please RSVP and register via the following Zoom link: 

RVSP for Advisory Call

If you have feedback or questions that you would like to submit in advance of or in lieu of attending the meeting, please direct them to Alexander Miceli, Manager of Policy & Government Affairs at


Thank you for your continued support. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me an email at

Dr. Jessica Ng, PhD   

Director, Policy & Government Affairs

Tourism Industry Association of Ontario